• custom built mesh cages
  • mesh cages
  • selective pallet racking installation

Rural Store – Rockhampton QLD

Storeplan has decades of experience in catering for the rural and agricultural sector’s shelving and storage needs. At the end of 2017, Storeplan completed a project for a large rural store in Rockhampton, North Queensland. Carrying a large stock of a variety of goods, the client needed storage solutions to help optimise their trading and storage space, and to enhance the efficiency and safety of their premises.

To help the client maximise their vertical space, we installed Industrial Pallet Racking. With its heavy-duty build, the racking is designed for the most demanding storage requirements. This system is versatile allowing for pallet storage or hand stacking, and can be easily accessed by standard forklifts.

We also installed Longspan shelving in the client’s facility for storage of small parts as well as heavy and bulky items. To accommodate the different goods the store offers, we configured the shelves according to the client’s requirements. As a clip together system, we installed the unit so that clients could adjust the shelving as required.

Along with the Industrial Pallet Racking & Longspan Shelving, Storeplan provided custom built mesh cages for the dangerous goods area. For improved warehouse safety, the cages were attached to the sides and back of the pallet racking and were fitted with galvanised mesh sliding doors across the front of bays to provide a secure warehouse storage solution.

You can view the photos above to see how we’ve helped the store maximise its space and increase their operation’s efficiency.

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custom built mesh cages
mesh cages
selective pallet racking installation