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Industrial Safety Products

At Storeplan, we prioritise the safety and well-being of your workforce with our comprehensive range of industrial safety products. By investing in safety products, you not only comply with safety regulations but also demonstrate a commitment to creating a secure workplace. Our expert team is here to help you choose the right safety solutions tailored to your specific needs. Enhance the safety of your industrial operations with Storeplan’s high-quality safety barriers and cabinets, ensuring a safer and more productive environment for your employees.


Safety Barriers

Our robust industrial safety barriers are designed to protect your employees and equipment from potential hazards. These barriers are essential for delineating safe zones, protecting machinery, and preventing accidents in high-traffic areas. Made from durable materials, our safety barriers are built to withstand impact and provide long-lasting protection in demanding industrial environments. Whether you need barriers for warehouses, factories, or distribution centres, Storeplan has the right solutions to enhance your facility’s safety.

Safety Cabinets

Storeplan provides a wide selection of safety cabinets that provide secure storage for hazardous materials. Our safety cabinets are designed to meet stringent safety standards, ensuring that flammable liquids, chemicals, and other dangerous substances are stored safely. With features such as leak-proof sumps, self-closing doors, and robust construction, our safety cabinets help prevent accidents and promote a safe working environment. Ideal for laboratories, manufacturing plants, and workshops, these cabinets offer peace of mind by minimising the risk of fire and chemical spills.

  • Cabinets for High Density Storage
  • Cabinets for Flammable Liquids
  • Cabinets for Aerosol Cans
  • Cabinets for Corrosive Substance

Frequently Asked Questions About Warehouse Storage Solutions

What types of industrial storage solutions does Storeplan provide?

Storeplan specialises in a range of bespoke industrial storage solutions, including Industrial Pallet Racking Systems, Mezzanine Floors, Cantilever Racking, Shelving and Spare Parts Storage Systems. These solutions are designed to maximise storage capacity and improve space efficiency in your warehouse.

Does Storeplan cater to businesses with unique storage needs?

Yes, Storeplan understands that no two businesses have identical needs when it comes to warehouse storage solutions. The team works closely with clients to develop tailored storage shelving solutions that precisely fit their specific requirements and budgets.

What industries commonly use Storeplan’s commercial storage solutions?

Our commercial storage solutions serve a variety of sectors, including rural, energy, mining, electrical, construction, transport and defence.

How does Storeplan ensure efficient implementation of its warehouse storage solutions?

At Storeplan, each storage solution project is managed by a dedicated team of expert project managers, which ensures a smooth integration of the solution into your workflow. The services extend from an initial site measurement to the final installation.

Apart from actual storage systems, what other services does Storeplan provide?

Storeplan offers measure-ups, drawings, and quotes for those unsure about their exact storage requirements. Other services include dedicated project management for seamless solution implementation and commitment to long-term relationships.