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Customer: Elders Rural & Farm Supplies

Location: Australia wide

Industry: Agriculture Supplies



Elders Rural & Farm Supplies has been working with Storeplan on various projects since the mid-90s, strengthening their partnership significantly over the past decade. This collaboration has transformed Elders' approach to storage and supply management, merging compliance with safety and efficiency to set a new standard in agricultural retail operations across regional Australia.

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Storeplan addressed several challenges during the projects that simplified Elders’ supply chain by eliminating the need to deal with multiple suppliers, saving time and administrative effort. Storeplan provided solutions that ensure compliance across all Elders depots, while enhancing the safety of the work environment for Elders staff.

Why Storeplan?

Elders selected Storeplan because of the comprehensive services provided, including:

  • Simplifying the process of Racking Inspections.
  • Proving to be a trusted supplier offering value and key advice for compliance and storage improvements, leading to greater efficiency and safety.

Breakdown of Solutions provided: Storeplan offered a range of specific solutions:

  • Allocated account manager.
  • Annual compliance reports.
  • Tailored style guide for brand consistency.
  • Site-specific storage and site plans.
  • Assistance in designing and updating existing warehouse and showroom designs.
  • Support in designing new facility warehouse and showroom layouts.
  • Supply, delivery, and installation of all storage, warehouse, and office products, acting as a one-stop-shop.
  • Compliance with AgSafe accreditation.

Implementation: Storeplan implemented these solutions by:

  • Operating efficiently in both urban and remote areas, establishing itself as a key supplier.
  • Adapting to market changes to provide storage systems tailored to agricultural industry products (such as bunding and DG cages).
  • Leveraging a large network of installation teams and freight options.


The partnership with Storeplan provided Elders with:

  • A safer work environment.
  • Increased operational efficiencies.
  • Reliable compliance with regulations.
  • Confidence in working with a reputable organization.

Closing Summary

The partnership between Elders Rural & Farm Supplies continues decades on, and Storeplan has proven to be highly beneficial, addressing compliance, safety, and efficiency challenges effectively. The tailored solutions and strong relationship have enabled Elders to maintain high standards across their operations, showcasing the power of a collaborative approach in achieving business goals.

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