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Customer: Mercedes Benz

Location: Seven Hills & Castle Hills, NSW

Industry: Automotive


Storeplan was commissioned to design, supply, and install advanced storage systems across two separate facilities for Mercedes-Benz in Seven Hills and Castle Hill. Our project scope included a 500m2 two-tier R3000 Raised Storage System equipped with a comprehensive selection of premium accessories:

  • Standard Duty shelves rated up to 100kg for storing small parts, electrical components, and fittings.
  • Heavy Duty shelves rated up to 200kg for storing items like brake pads and brake discs.
  • LED sensor-driven lighting system integrated beneath the mesh floor for enhanced visibility.
  • Gravity-fed conveyor system with a landing table for efficient material handling.
  • Remote-controlled verge safety pallet gate to ensure operational safety.
  • Plastic parts bins featuring dividers for organised storage solutions.
  • Steel access stairway and handrail for secure access between levels.
  • Fixed and removable steel dividers to customise storage space as needed.
  • Aisle signs for clear navigation within the facility.
  • Galvanised steel grid flooring to maximise airflow and natural lighting throughout the storage areas.

This comprehensive installation aimed to optimise storage efficiency and operational functionality at both Mercedes-Benz sites, meeting stringent quality and safety standards.

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The facilities feature the following specialised storage systems:

  • Customised racking systems designed to store large, bulky car parts and accessories such as bumper bars, tub liners, and bull-bars.
  • Tyre storage racking solutions tailored to accommodate different types and sizes of tires.
  • Customised tool storage systems for efficient organisation and accessibility of tools.
  • Standard pallet racking used for storing promotional products and miscellaneous items.

All structural components of the racking and mezzanine floor systems were finished in a grey colour as per the client’s specifications.

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