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Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking is the most popular and economical form of industrial pallet racking on the market. Warehouses and other storage facilities with restrictive space benefit most from Selective Pallet Racking. It provides 100% selective storage up to 12.8m in height, utilising valuable vertical space.

As one of Australia’s leading selective pallet racking suppliers, Storeplan has the resources and expertise to provide clients with the most cost-effective and practicable solutions. We offer supply, delivery & installation services Australia wide.

Designing a storage solution for your specific requirements is no problem for our team of experts. The selective racking range can be customised to meet any pallet size or weight to provide you with the best possible racking system. Also, we can supply Dexion racking if need be.

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  • Component Sizes
  • Description
Standard Height Standard Depth
1850mm 838mm
Standard Beam Sizes Capacity
1381mm x U80mm 2000kg/pallet space or level
2600mm x U80mm 625kg/pallet space or 1250/level
2600mm x Tube 90mm 1000kg/pallet space or 2000kg/level
2600mm x Tube 98mm 1200kg/pallet space or 2400kg/level
2600mm x Tube 125mm 1500kg/pallet space or 3000kg/level
2752mm x U80mm 600kg/pallet space or 1200kg/level
2752mm x Tube 90mm 1000kg/pallet space or 2000kg/level
2752mm x Tube 98mm 1200kg/pallet space or 2400kg/level
2752mm x B105mm 1500kg/pallet space or 3000kg/level
3000mm x B105mm 2800kg/level UDL
3300mm x B105mm 2400kg/level UDL
3600mm x B105mm 2000kg/level UDL
3900mm x B105mm 3200kg/level UDL


Selective Pallet Racking is most suitable for warehouse and workshop racking, garage and/or farm shed storage, in processing and manufacturing facilities for storage of finished products and much more. Our Selective Pallet Racking storage system is versatile and can be used in conjunction with all types of lift trucks and most handling equipment for warehouse goods.

Additionally, we offer pallet racking inspections across NSW, VIC and QLD

Storeplan is your go-to provider of the most cost-effective and practical Selective Pallet Racking systems in Australia. As a popular and economical form of industrial pallet racking, our selective solutions efficiently maximise your warehouse and storage facilities' vertical space, resolving issues with restrictive space and enhancing your storage capacity.

Superior Quality Selective Pallet Racking

Storeplan’s Selective Pallet Racking is customisable to meet any pallet size or weight, shaping itself around your specific requirements. Our expert team works tirelessly to supply, deliver, and install our superior systems Australia-wide.

Whether you need to store finished products in your manufacturing facility or need a system for your warehouse or workshop, our Selective Pallet Racking system is versatile and accommodating. With the ability to provide up to 100% selective storage reaching up to a height of 12.8m, we make the most of your valuable vertical space.

Maximise ROI with Smart Storage

Our Selective Pallet Racking is one of the best smart storage products on the market today. It facilitates easy access to every pallet, preventing unnecessary manoeuvring time to access hard-to-reach goods. This system optimises your storage space. How? It's a strategic solution to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance your operations.

Full Service Storage Solutions

Storeplan is much more than a Selective Pallet Racking supplier. We pride ourselves on being a full-service provider, committed to offering an elevated customer experience. We understand that choosing the right storage solution can be complex, so our team is on hand to guide you, offering personalised, supportive advice to help you make the best choice for your needs.

In addition, we also offer measure, drawing, and quote services. Whether it's selective pallet racking in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, our team will come to you, take measurements, and provide a tailored solution.

Ready to elevate your storage system? Give us a call on 1300 551 281 to arrange a consultation.

Impeccable Reputation and Customer-Centric Solutions

The trust we've earned from our highly satisfied customers makes us stand apart. We have over three decades of experience, during which we've gained a strong reputation for high-quality industrial storage solutions and a strong emphasis on customer care. Our dedication to our core values of being 'Approachable, Personal, and Supportive' results in long-term relationships with our customers.

Choose Storeplan for Your Selective Pallet Racking

Storeplan is committed to excellence in all aspects – from product quality and customer service to safety and compliance. Our selective pallet racking is a testament to the quality we strive for. Choose Storeplan and experience our practical, efficient, and quality storage solutions today. Call us at 1300 551 281 and let us work together to enhance your storage capability.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Selective Pallet Racking

    What is Selective Pallet Racking?

    Selective Pallet Racking is a popular and cost-effective system of industrial pallet racking that maximises vertical space in warehouses. It efficiently resolves space restriction issues and enhances storage capacity.

    What makes Storeplan’s Selective Pallet Racking superior in quality?

    Storeplan’s Selective Pallet Racking systems can be configured to store almost any pallet size or weight. They are designed to be versatile and can reach up to a height of 14.8m – higher solutions can be engineered on request. As the name suggests, selective racking is designed for 100% pallet selectivity so the user can access any pallet at any time. Pallet racking uprights are manufactured using high yield strength steel strips, punched and cold rolled in a variety of thicknesses and profiles to suit different applications. Likewise the pallet beams are rolled in a selection of different profiles and lengths to support pallets or other items as required.

    How does Selective Pallet Racking maximise ROI?

    Selective Pallet Racking is savvy storage that facilitates easy access to each pallet, thus preventing unneeded manoeuvring time in accessing goods. It optimises the storage space and streamlines processes, acting beyond physical storage – improving productivity, reducing costs, and boosting operations.

    Are customer support services offered by Storeplan for Selective Pallet Racking?

    Yes, Storeplan is a full-service Selective Pallet Racking provider that offers a comprehensive customer support experience. Services include personalised advice on choosing the ideal storage solution, and measure, drawing, and quoting services.

    Why choose Selective Pallet Racking from Storeplan?

    Storeplan has over three decades of experience in providing high-quality industrial storage solutions including Selective Pallet Racking systems. They offer practical, efficient, and quality storage solutions, underpinned by product quality, customer service, safety, and compliance standards.