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Customer: Toyota

Location: Illawara NSW

Industry: Automotive



Illawarra Toyota expanded its dealership by adding new car brands and introducing 4WD accessories to its offerings. This strategic growth posed a challenge as their existing parts storage area became inadequate to handle the increased inventory demands. Facing spatial constraints that precluded constructing a new shed on-site, Toyota sought a solution to optimise their existing storage space efficiently.

Storeplan was engaged to address these challenges by conducting a comprehensive assessment of Toyota's storage requirements. Recognising the need for a tailored approach, Storeplan proposed a solution focused on maximising the utilisation of their current storage areas. This involved designing and implementing a new shelving system that could accommodate the diverse range of automotive parts and accessories.

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The solution included heavy-duty shelving units capable of supporting various weights and configurations to organize items effectively. By leveraging Storeplan’s expertise in storage solutions, Toyota was able to enhance their storage capacity and operational efficiency without the need for costly expansions, ensuring they could seamlessly manage their expanded product lines and dealership offerings.

Storeplan attended site and put together an offer for one of our very popular Longspan Supported Mezzanine Floor systems. Illawarra Toyota quickly saw the huge benefits this system offered.

  • Longspan Mezz floor proving an additional 50m2 of floor space
  • Rated at 5kpa (500kg/m2)
  • 4 timber shelves in each bay underneath the mezzanine floor
  • Rollover safety pallet gate included
  • Handrail included to all exposed edges


This is what the Greg had to say about this project:

“Hey Cameron

We are very pleased with the finished product, it is very well constructed and the boys did a great fitment job.

Extremely sturdy and I am sure we it will suit our needs in the years ahead”‘

– Greg Mackenzie, Parts Manager – Illawarra Toyota

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Streoplan has over 30years of experience in designing and installing storage systems for automotive dealerships. To start planning your storage systems layout for your new parts warehouse call the Storeplan team on 1300 551 281 or Click here to make an online enquiry.

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