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Customer: Machinery & Equipment Retailer

Location: Northern NSW

Industry: Agriculture



Our client operates a flourishing supplies business in northern NSW, known for its extensive product range. To meet the growing demands of customers, the business has expanded its offerings to include Ball and Roller bearings, Oil seals, Pulleys and V-belts, Chains and Sprockets, Trailer components, Hydraulic hoses and fittings, Industrial hoses and fittings, PTO shafts and components, Automotive and industrial filters, and more.

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Project Scope: As part of the expansion, the client needed versatile shelving systems to efficiently store and display a diverse range of products. Storeplan collaborated with the client to design a layout that would optimize storage space, ensure easy access, and maintain an organised and uniform appearance.

Solution Implemented:

LS600 Longspan Shelving:

  • Description: The client, having previously used LS600 Longspan Shelving from Storeplan, sought additional units for their proven durability and to maintain a cohesive look in the store.
  • Features: Customisation with pegboard panels and hanging hooks to accommodate belts and coils, enhancing product visibility and accessibility.


Storeplan’s tailored shelving solution enabled the client to effectively manage and display their expanded product range. The customized LS600 Longspan Shelving provided a durable and uniform storage system, ensuring the store remained neat and organized. The integration of pegboard panels and hanging hooks further facilitated easy access and display of specific items, contributing to an improved customer shopping experience.


Through strategic planning and customisation, Storeplan successfully met the client’s need for an efficient and versatile shelving system. This solution not only supported the business’s expansion but also reinforced its commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional service to its customers.

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