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Customer: Electrical Wholesaler

Location: Gold Coast QLD

Industry: Electrical Supplies



Storeplan recently completed a comprehensive fitout for a new electrical wholesale store located in the Gold Coast. The project involved collaborating closely with the client to design a layout that optimized space utilization while accommodating a vast inventory of product lines. This was a significant endeavor for the Storeplan team, marking our inaugural large-scale deployment of our proprietary Gondola Display Shelving.

In addition to designing the new shelving system, Storeplan undertook the dismantle and relocation of existing storage systems from the client's previous site to the new location. By integrating the client's existing storage infrastructure into the new design, Storeplan not only ensured cost savings but also maintained continuity in storage operations. This strategic approach allowed for a seamless transition to the new facility, preserving operational efficiency while enhancing the store's capacity to showcase and manage its extensive range of electrical products.

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The project underscored Storeplan’s commitment to delivering tailored storage solutions that meet both functional and budgetary requirements, setting a benchmark for future projects in retail and wholesale environments.

This project included:

  • 156 bays of Gondola Shelving in white.
  • Cantilever Racking for storage of long, oddly shaped items.
  • Conduit & Cable racking – very popular in this industry.
  • Selective Pallet racking for standard palletised goods storage.
  • Customised LS600 Longspan Shelving in all white.

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