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Gondola Display Shelving

Gondola Display Shelving

Invest in a showroom that will impress your customers, as well as maximise the appeal of your merchandise?

Whether you’re setting up or refurbishing your workplace, having the right retail display shelving and accessories can make the world of difference to the appearance and the functionality of your business. When creating a new look, you can rely on Storeplan to provide a high quality, aesthetically pleasing solutions with custom colours, layouts and display requirements,

Our gondola display shelving is easy to install, affordable, tough & sturdy enough to withstand everyday use and allows you the flexibility of adding more bays as your business grows.

Categories: Shelving Systems.

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  • Component Sizes
  • Description
Standard Heights Standard Depths Standard Width
1200mm 300mm 900mm
1500mm 400mm 1200mm
1800mm 450mm

Storeplan's Gondola Display Shelving is available in:

  • Double or single sided
  • Available in Black & White (custom colours available on request)
  • Static & mobile units
  • Pegboard, slatwall or mesh backing
  • Large range of accessories
  • Custom colours

Maximum weight capacity is 80kgs per shelf - Applies to all shelf sizes.

Custom coloured in your brands colours now available. Send you logo colour codes to sales@storeplan.net.au and will be in touch with a custom coloured retails shelving quote.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Warehouse Storage Solutions

    What types of industrial storage solutions does Storeplan provide?

    Storeplan specialises in a range of bespoke industrial storage solutions, including Industrial Pallet Racking Systems, Mezzanine Floors, Cantilever Racking, Shelving and Spare Parts Storage Systems. These solutions are designed to maximise storage capacity and improve space efficiency in your warehouse.

    Does Storeplan cater to businesses with unique storage needs?

    Yes, Storeplan understands that no two businesses have identical needs when it comes to warehouse storage solutions. The team works closely with clients to develop tailored storage shelving solutions that precisely fit their specific requirements and budgets.

    What industries commonly use Storeplan’s commercial storage solutions?

    Our commercial storage solutions serve a variety of sectors, including rural, energy, mining, electrical, construction, transport and defence.

    How does Storeplan ensure efficient implementation of its warehouse storage solutions?

    At Storeplan, each storage solution project is managed by a dedicated team of expert project managers, which ensures a smooth integration of the solution into your workflow. The services extend from an initial site measurement to the final installation.

    Apart from actual storage systems, what other services does Storeplan provide?

    Storeplan offers measure-ups, drawings, and quotes for those unsure about their exact storage requirements. Other services include dedicated project management for seamless solution implementation and commitment to long-term relationships.