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Customer: Electrical Wholesaler

Location: NSW

Industry: Electrical Supplies



An electrical supplier, following a recent safety audit, needed to enhance the safety and storage capacity of their existing cable racking system. They required both upright protection for their racking and a new storage solution for smaller to medium cable reels in a high-traffic warehouse area.

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Storeplan was tasked with supplying and installing upright protection for the existing cable racking and providing a storage solution that would meet the client’s specific needs.

Solution Implemented:

Racking Protection:

Customized Angle Uprights:

  • Shorter 300H Angled Protectors: Installed on the end posts for added stability and protection against impacts.
  • Taller 850H Angled Protectors: Installed on the middle upright posts for enhanced safety and durability.
  • Purpose: These protectors were specifically chosen to safeguard the cable racking system from potential damage in a high-traffic area, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving:


  • Depth: 1200mm
  • Shelf Levels: 3
  • Total Length: 3180mm


  • Designed to accommodate smaller to medium cable reels, maximising storage capacity.
  • Upright protection installed on the Longspan shelving posts to ensure durability and safety in a high-traffic environment.


Storeplan’s tailored solution significantly improved the safety and efficiency of the client’s warehouse operations. The installation of customized angle uprights provided robust protection for the cable racking system, while the Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving increased storage capacity and facilitated easy access to cable reels. The addition of upright protection on the shelving posts further ensured the longevity and safety of the storage system.


Through meticulous planning and implementation, Storeplan addressed the client’s safety and storage requirements effectively. The project not only met the safety audit recommendations but also enhanced the overall operational efficiency of the electrical supplier’s warehouse, demonstrating Storeplan’s commitment to delivering customized and high-quality storage solutions.

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