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Customer: Grain Company

Location: New England NSW

Industry: Agriculture



Storeplan undertook a comprehensive project for a grain company involving the supply, delivery, and installation of 24 bays of I600 pallet racking. The project scope included configuring the racking to maximise storage efficiency within the warehouse space. Specifically, 12 bays were equipped with 3 adjustable beam levels each, while the remaining 12 bays featured 2 adjustable beam levels, resulting in a total of 115 pallet spaces on beams, excluding ground storage space.

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Solution Provided: Storeplan’s experienced installation team meticulously executed the project to meet exact specifications:

  • Installed 2 single-sided runs of 5 adjoining bays measuring 4250H x 2600W x 838D.
  • Positioned 1 back-to-back run of 5 adjoining bays with the same dimensions.
  • Implemented 2 single-sided runs of 2 adjoining bays, one at 2600W and the other at 1380W, also measuring 4250H x 838D.

Despite initial challenges with warehouse area measurement discrepancies, Storeplan collaborated closely with the client’s team to rectify the issue effectively. By adjusting the racking layout without additional costs or inconvenience to the client, Storeplan ensured optimal functionality and accessibility within the warehouse. This transformation enabled the previously under-utilised space to accommodate multiple storage areas efficiently, enhancing operational capacity and logistics flow for the grain company.

Client Testimonial:

“Storeplan’s installation of multiple bays of pallet racking transformed our warehouse from a limited storage area into a functional space with increased storage capacity. Their ‘Get It Right’ guarantee and collaborative approach were instrumental in overcoming challenges seamlessly. We appreciate their expertise and commitment to delivering tailored solutions.”

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