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The Case


MM Electrical's new warehouse fit-out in Beresfield, NSW, was a comprehensive solution that Storeplan provided for the company. It was commissioned by William Black, the MM Electricals Profit Centre Manager. He guided us to evaluate, design, and execute a unique storage solution plan for the site that provided the following:

  • Clean, Safe & Secure Storage Systems for a wide range of electrical products
  • A system that provided medium-term storage of bulky palletised goods, along with provision for handpicking products, etc.
  • A showroom section where inventory is well presented, and customers can view MM Electrical's entire range.
  • An area where ‘tradies’ feel at home and have a pleasant and efficient experience. It has well-organised and well-planned stock locations. Items that are in high demand and sold quickly are kept near the front of the warehouse. While on the other hand, the less popular items or products with larger packaging might be stored at the back.
  • We discussed with William how he wanted to create an organised and aesthetically pleasing showroom while aligning with corporate brand guidelines. Then, we obtained a copy of the building plans to ensure everything was according to their preference.

In conjunction with this, the warehouse ‘component’ was required to maximise space whilst ensuring safety and efficiency.

The result created two sections that blend coherently and function together for owners and clients.



Storeplan designed a comprehensive warehouse storage system with a variety of products which included:

  • Pallet Racking – storing large palletised products such as air-con units, incoming bulk inventory, project orders etc.
  • Full Height Mesh Backing System – for the protection of both staff and clients. Storeplan customised a Heavy Duty Stand-Off Mesh Backing System. This is to ensure two things:

1) Pallets cannot be pushed over the back of the pallet racking into the showroom area unknowingly.

2) A clear line of difference between showroom and warehouse. It means clients cannot simply walk into a forklift traffic area without a clear intention to do so.

  • Longspan Shelving 1200D – for storing and displaying items such as LED light tubes, etc., typically too long for standard depth shelving.
  • Cable Racking – For the safe and efficient storage of Cable Reels ranging in size and weight. Storeplan’s Cable Rack system allows for storage of bulk reels and the dispensing of cable from the reels. Heavy Duty customised components are used for our Cable Racks.
  • Conduit Racking – Storeplan’s customised Conduit Racking system provides organisation and control. Standard Pallet Rack components paired with metal divider accessories create a very functional rack. They are easy to use while clearly distinguishing between different conduit types. This makes the selection process for the customer very safe and seamless.
  • Gondola Shelving (Shop Shelving) – 6 Double-Sided runs of 5 adjoining bays of Gondola Shelving System to provide a clear and organised retail area. Storeplan’s Gondola Shelf Shelving offers an excellent display area for your products and makes them easily accessible to clients.
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Turn-Key Solutions Available


It is essential to connect with a company that understands your industry. Storeplan has collaborated with numerous electrical wholesalers and understands the unique storage requirements within the industry.
We can provide a complete warehouse fit-out solution based on the needs of your specific facility, that are compliant with the policies and safety regulations of the group.

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Tailored Warehouse Solutions


Since 1990, Storeplan has built a reputation as a distributor of high-quality storage systems. This includes warehouse racking solutions, including pallet racking systems and branded customer care.

We take pride in being one of Australia’s leading providers of industrial storage systems, offering advice to clients nationwide. We continue providing our clients with comprehensive solutions. Our warehouse storage systems have helped countless businesses improve storage capacity and space efficiency, boosting their productivity.

We can provide a complete warehouse fit-out solution based on the specific needs of your facility. Rest assured that it will comply with the group's policies and safety regulations.

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