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Customer: Council Depot

Location: South-West QLD

Industry: Local Government



A regional council depot in South West QLD required a complete storage solution to enhance its operational efficiency and organization. The depot needed a variety of storage systems to cater to different types of items and storage needs.

We have just completed the fitout of a regional council depot in South West QLD with a variety of products including;

With a Road Train of goods loaded the week before, everything was delivered at the start of the new week & our team turned up onsite ready to commence installation. We worked in with the Stores Officer to ensure the project ran according to plan & with minimal fuss.

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Project Scope: Storeplan was tasked with outfitting the depot with a diverse range of products, ensuring timely delivery and seamless installation.

Solution Implemented:

Selective Pallet Racking:

  • Description: A versatile and efficient racking system for storing palletised goods.
  • Benefits: Enhanced accessibility and organisation of larger items and bulk materials.

Longspan Shelving:

  • Description: Ideal for medium to large-sized items.
  • Benefits: Modular design allows for flexible storage configurations.

Galvanized Cantilever Racking for Outdoors:

  • Description: Designed for outdoor storage of long, bulky items.
  • Benefits: Durable and weather-resistant, perfect for storing pipes, lumber, and other large materials.

Galvanized Selective Racking for Outdoors:

  • Description: Standard racking system for outdoor use.
  • Benefits: Provides organised storage while withstanding outdoor conditions.

RUT Steel Shelving:

  • Description: Robust shelving for heavy-duty use.
  • Benefits: Strong and reliable, suitable for a wide range of items.

Mobile Louvre Panel Hanger Racks & Storage Tubs:

  • Description: Mobile storage units for small parts and tools.
  • Benefits: Flexibility and mobility within the workspace, enhancing organisation.

Mobile Workbenches:

  • Description: Mobile workstations for various tasks.
  • Benefits: Versatile and convenient, supporting efficient workflow.

Heavy Duty Galvanised Storage Cupboards:

  • Description: Secure storage for tools and equipment.
  • Benefits: Durable and lockable, ensuring safety and security.

Wall Hanging Louvre Panels & Storage Tubs:

  • Description: Wall-mounted storage solutions.
  • Benefits: Maximises wall space, keeping the workspace tidy.

Standard Stationery Cupboards:

  • Description: Cabinets for office supplies.
  • Benefits: Keeps office materials organised and easily accessible.


  • Delivery and Installation: A road train of goods was loaded the week prior, ensuring all items were delivered at the start of the new week. Storeplan’s team arrived onsite, ready to begin installation.
  • Coordination: Worked closely with the Stores Officer to ensure the project proceeded smoothly and with minimal disruption.


The comprehensive fit-out provided the regional council depot with a highly organized and efficient storage system. The diverse range of products installed catered to various storage needs, from palletized goods to small parts and office supplies. The project was completed on time and in coordination with the client’s requirements, ensuring minimal fuss and maximum satisfaction.


Storeplan’s ability to deliver a full-spectrum storage solution underscores their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. The successful completion of this project highlights their expertise in providing tailored, high-quality storage systems that meet diverse operational needs.

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