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Customer: Meat Processing Company

Location: NSW

Industry: Food Processing



A meat processing facility based in New South Wales, aiming to ensure a safe working environment, needed to replace its outdated and damaged drive-in racking system. The existing system, which had been in use for over 15 years, posed significant safety risks due to numerous impacts and substantial damage.

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Project Scope: Storeplan was tasked with dismantling the old system and installing a new, safe, and compliant racking system to eliminate any risk of injury to staff. The client required a solution that could accommodate both standard and oversized pallets.

Solution Implemented:

SSI Drive-In Racking System:

    • Specifications:
      • Height: 6000mm
      • Depth: 4 pallets deep
      • Height: 3 pallets high
      • 11 lanes for standard ‘CHEP’ style pallets
      • 4 lanes for oversized pallets of cardboard
      • Total capacity: 180 pallets
    • Design Features:
      • Upright posts: 90mm wide x 2.6mm thick for impact resistance
      • 1st rail level: Set at a minimum of 300mm to facilitate regular cleaning
      • HD Spring type upright protectors on every post
      • HD back stopper plates on every rail level to prevent pallets from being pushed too far

Project Management:

  • Dismantling and Recycling: Storeplan organised the dismantling and strapping of the existing racking system, which was then picked up by a local scrap metal company, minimising hassle for the client.


  • Comprehensive Service: Storeplan designed, supplied, and installed the entire new racking system, ensuring it met all safety and compliance standards.


The new SSI Drive-In Racking System provided the meat processing facility with a safe, compliant, and efficient storage solution. The robust design, featuring reinforced upright posts and safety features like HD spring-type protectors and back stopper plates, significantly reduced the risk of damage and injury. Additionally, keeping all pallets off the ground allowed for easier and more frequent cleaning, maintaining high hygiene standards in the facility.


Storeplan’s comprehensive approach, from dismantling the old system to installing a state-of-the-art racking solution, ensured that the client’s facility became safer and more efficient. This project underscores Storeplan’s commitment to delivering customised, high-quality storage solutions that meet stringent safety requirements.

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