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Customer: Electrical Supplies

Location: Gold Coast QLD

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Storeplan recently completed a major storage fit out for the Electrical Wholesaler, situated on the Gold Coast, NSW. After a period of steady growth, the new owner realised that continued strong growth would be hampered by their lack of efficient storage.

Our client decided the only way forward was to redesign the showroom and also maximise the value of the warehouse space he had available to him.

A high priority of the client was to achieve maximum use of his existing space while maintaining a professional and clean area to showcase their products.

Storeplan was able to offer custom high rise storage systems that offered maximised space while ensuring a similar colour scheme was used throughout and minimizing the “industrial look” with pegboard display systems in the front end of the warehouse.

Storeplan fit-out team went to work, and soon impressed the client with their approach. In speaking to a member of the project team after the fit-out was complete the client mentioned he particularly he appreciated the open communication. If there were any delays he was always notified immediately. By keeping the client updated, allowed him to plan ahead and to ensure the upgrade progressed smoothly.

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Product Details:

High Bay Shelving System:

  • 4850H shelving system set up with timber shelves to maximise available air space
  • System is accessed by an electric picker machine
  • Narrow Aisle configuration to maximise available floor space
  • Works on the principle of bulk stock above, hand picked stock below

Cantilever Racking System:

  • 5000mm high cantilever set up for the storage of conduit packs & cable trays
  • Mesh decks included on 1 level to accommodate odd shaped pallets

Conduit Racking:

  • Standard Pallet Racking components & accessories set up to store conduit vertically and in separate compartments for easy picking and neat, efficient storage
  • Utilising full height of shed by having conduit storage underneath and standard pallet storage above

Selective Pallet Racking:

  • 4850H standard pallet racking set up to store pallets of stock 3 high as opposed to 2 high bulk stacked (maximising available air space)
  • Using accessories such as mesh decks and MDF shelves on lower levels to create additional stock picking faces
  • Some of the standard racking has a safety mesh backing system to prevent items falling into areas where customers access

Gondola Shelving:

  • White Gondola Units for a showroom display shelving system
  • Set up with 2100H units on the walls and 1500H d/sided units in the centre of the room
  • Heavy duty pegboard backing system on all bays


With the new storage system in the warehouse the owner was able to DOUBLE the value of stock they held on site!

This also meant our client was able to take advantage of numerous other benefits:

  •  With more efficient storage space, the client could afford to purchase stock in bulk and reduce his costs by utilising supplier bulk discount offers.
  • It also gained them an advantage in their market space by allowing them to tap into different markets and offer products when their competitor was unable to.
  • They could were able to improve their product availability. The store no longer needed to reply on the suppliers lead times for stock. As a result they could better support their customers.

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