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Customer: Council Depot

Location: North-West NSW

Industry: Local Government



A council depot in North-West NSW was struggling with outdated and inefficient storage systems. The existing pallet racking systems were largely unidentifiable and could not be rated, posing significant operational and safety concerns.

Pallet Racking With Mesh Backing
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Storeplan collaborated with the council to overhaul the depot’s storage infrastructure. The goal was to remove all existing warehouse storage systems and replace them with new, compliant, efficient, and effective storage solutions.

Solutions Implemented:

Schaefer I600 Pallet Racking:

  • Description: A robust and versatile pallet racking system designed to accommodate a wide range of storage needs.
  • Features: High load capacity and easy adjustability, ensuring safe and efficient storage.

Schaefer LS600 Longspan Shelving:

  • Description: Ideal for storing medium to large-sized items, providing flexibility and durability.
  • Features: Modular design for easy configuration and maximum storage efficiency.

Monkey Mesh Backing on Pallet Racking:

  • Description: A safety feature added to the pallet racking to prevent items from falling off the back.
  • Benefits: Enhances safety by securing stored items, reducing the risk of accidents.


The installation of the new Schaefer I600 Pallet Racking and LS600 Longspan Shelving, complemented by the Monkey Mesh backing, transformed the depot’s storage capabilities. The modernised system ensured compliance with safety standards, improved efficiency, and provided a more organised and effective storage solution.


Storeplan’s comprehensive solution addressed the council depot’s need for a modern, compliant, and efficient storage system. The strategic removal of outdated systems and installation of high-quality Schaefer products enhanced operational safety and efficiency, underscoring Storeplan’s expertise in delivering tailored storage solutions.

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