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Customer: Coal Mine

Location: North-West NSW

Industry: Mining



For nearly a decade, Storeplan has been a trusted partner for a prominent coal mine in North-West NSW, fostering strong relationships with its workforce. The mine required efficient storage solutions to optimise its operational capabilities and maximise storage space.

By implementing these tailored storage solutions, Storeplan helped the coal mine significantly enhance its storage capacity, streamline inventory management, and improve operational efficiency. The custom fit-out not only optimised space but also ensured easy accessibility and security for a wide range of items, from small parts to industrial tools.

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Storeplan implemented a full solution fit-out that included a range of specialised storage systems tailored to the mine’s specific needs:

RUT Shelving on Longspan Supported Mezzanine:

  • Description: Installed on a robust mezzanine floor, the RUT shelving system was utilised for storing small to medium parts and miscellaneous items.
  • Features: Shelf capacities of up to 100kg per shelf, maximising vertical storage space.

Longspan Supported Mezzanine:

  • Purpose: Expanded storage capacity by utilising overhead airspace effectively.
  • Features: Fitted with a pallet roll-over gate to facilitate easy stocking of RUT shelving on the mezzanine floor.

Longspan Shelving:

  • Application: Versatile shelving system suitable for various storage needs.
  • Features: Rated at 500kg per level, customisable with mesh or steel shelves for optimal airflow and security cages for high-value items.

A Frame Racking:

  • Use: Designed for storing tools and odd-shaped equipment like spades and digging tools.
  • Benefits: Ensures easy accessibility to frequently used items, enhancing operational efficiency.

Super 123 Shelving:

  • Functionality: Ideal for storing small parts such as bolts and pipe fittings.
  • Features: Sectioned off with dividers for easy organization and retrieval of required parts.

Industrial Pallet Racking:

  • Description: Standard racking system designed for industrial applications.
  • Features: Offers 100% selective storage up to 12.8m in height, maximising vertical space utilisation.

Storeplan’s decade-long commitment to delivering innovative storage solutions has not only met but exceeded the expectations of the coal mine. Through strategic planning and implementation of versatile storage systems, Storeplan continues to support the mine’s operational excellence and long-term growth.

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