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Customer: Abbatoir

Location: Tamworth NSW

Industry: Food Processing



Over the past several years, Storeplan has been a trusted partner for a large abattoir, providing new racking systems, conducting regular safety inspections, and replacing damaged and unsafe stock.

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Storeplan has implemented various storage solutions to enhance the efficiency and safety of the abattoir’s operations. Recent installations include specialised racking systems for both dry and cold storage areas.

Solution Implemented:

Drive-In Racking for Dry Store:

  • Description: Designed to maximise storage space for uniform-sized pallets within a compact area.
  • Benefits: Efficiently utilises space by allowing pallets to be stored densely, ideal for large quantities of the same product.

Double-Deep Racking for Cold Store:

  • Description: Increases storage capacity by 30% compared to standard selective racking systems, although only 50% of pallets are immediately accessible.
  • Benefits: Optimises the use of cold storage space, accommodating more products in a temperature-controlled environment while balancing accessibility needs.

Additional Services:

Regular Safety Inspections:

  • Description: Conducted periodic safety checks to ensure all racking systems remain in safe and optimal condition.
  • Benefits: Proactively identifies and addresses potential safety issues, maintaining a secure working environment.

Replacements for Damaged & Unsafe Stock:

  • Description: Replaced any damaged or unsafe racking components as identified during inspections.
  • Benefits: Ensures the integrity and reliability of the storage systems, preventing accidents and maintaining operational efficiency.


Storeplan’s tailored solutions significantly improved the abattoir’s storage capabilities. The Schaefer Drive-In Racking system provided a space-efficient solution for the dry store, while the Schaefer Double-Deep Racking system enhanced the storage capacity of the cold store. Regular safety inspections and timely replacements ensured the longevity and safety of the racking systems, supporting the abattoir’s operational needs effectively.


Storeplan’s commitment to providing high-quality, customised storage solutions and ongoing maintenance has enabled the abattoir to maintain a safe, efficient, and organised workspace. The successful implementation of these solutions highlights Storeplan’s expertise in meeting the unique storage challenges of the meat processing industry.

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