• Outdoor Galvanised Racking for a mining site
  • Galvanised Racking
  • Cable Reel Racking Whitehaven Coal

Coal Mine NSW

Storeplan recently completed a project for a mine site in NSW who were looking to organise their lay down area and increase storage space and stock location. The project invloved the supply, delivery and installation of  outdoor selective pallet racking and cable racking

Some interesting points around this installation:

  • Before the racking systems were installed our client found it difficult to find the goods he was looking for. Once found it was typically a time consuming activity to access the pallet with a forklift. With new racking systems in place, it is now simply a matter of driving into the racking area and all pallets are neatly and safely stacked on the racking, ready for picking.
  • Our client is now able to fit a greater amount of pallets into the same area simply by being able to storing pallets 5 high as opposed to single height on the ground
  • There has been a large reduction of trip hazards with all pallets stored on racks
  • Having all products so easy to located has allowed the client to effortlessly count stock and therefore increased the accuracy of stock figures

Products involved in this case study:

Galvanised Outdoor Pallet Racking

Storeplan’s outdoor galvanised racking system is specifically designed to be installed in outdoor environments where conditions are harsh and variable. This system utilises a pre-gal upright frame system with fully hot-dipped galvanised beams.

Cable Reel Kits

Custom manufactured in-house at Storeplan to suit cables of all different sizes & weights. A safe and efficient way to store & easily access your cables. All hot-dipped Gal.

If you have a messy and disorganised lay down area, why not install some Outdoor Pallet Racking to clean up and organise it?

Contact Storeplan to assist with designing your outdoor racking system or custom cable racking today. 1300 551 281 – sales@storeplan.net.au

Outdoor Galvanised Racking for a mining site
Galvanised Racking
Cable Reel Racking Whitehaven Coal