Tech-Bin Micro Bins

Available in six different sizes and six different colours the Tech Bin range manufactured by an Australian company, provides an ideal solution to your storage issues around the workplace or home. The storage bins are designed to fit easily onto both the plastic moulded louvre panel & steel power-coated louvre panels. There are also dividers made to suit to provide additional compartments and efficient storage.

Tech Bin 5: 118 x 100 x 60mm (0.5L)

Tech Bin 10: 177 x 100 x 85mm (1.0L)

Tech Bin 20: 230 x 134 x 125mm (2.5L)

Tech Bin 30: 280 x 204 x 164mm (6.0L)

Tech Bin 40: 280 x 410 x 164mm (12.0L)

Tech Bin 60: 458 x 414 x 215mm (24.0L)


Colours Available: Clear, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black