Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinets

Our Australian-made range of Corrosive Substance storage options allows you to safety store dangerous substances in a compliant way. Our entire range is fully compliant with Australian Standards to store corrosives, choose from outdoor relocatable stores to internal safety cabinets for everyday safe storage.

  • Stainless steel pin continuous hinging for strength & reliability..
  • Strong, fully adjustable shelving perforated for free air movement, 100mm adjustment increments
  • High capacity liquid tight sump to contain spills
  • Powder coat finish for high durability & performance
  • Built in flash arrestors & vent openings
  • Distinct safety signs & directions
  • Manufactured in Australia.

Sizes available = 30L; 60L; 100L; 160L; 250L; 350L


Correct & safe storage of corrosive substances is essential as they are present in almost every workplace and can be highly dangerous if they come in to contact with people.

The corrosive substance storage range comes in a range of sizes from 30 litre under bench storage to 350 litre vertical storage. Stainless steel pin continuous hinging ensures maximum strength and reliability and strong perforated adjustable shelving allows free air movement. They are built in accordance with national standards, and features a sequential closing system and state of the art powder coat finish for durability and performance.