Storeplan offers comprehensive storage solutions to Australia’s industries. As turnkey mezzanine floor systemproviders, we provide clients with bespoke designs to match their requirements. With a team of dedicated project managers, we ensure fast and orderly project completion to minimise business disruption.

Warehouse mezzanine floors are the perfect solution for businesses that need more space. These systems offer a faster and more cost-efficient alternative to building storage extensions or moving to a new warehouse. Providing warehouses with an additional floor level, mezzanine floors allow for the ground floor to be maximised for operations, improving efficiency and productivity.

A Mezzanine Floor System for Every Requirement

Storeplan offers a variety of mezzanine floor systems to suit their clients’ requests. Each gives the advantage of increased storage area at more economical rates compared to relocation or new construction.

Structural Mezzanine Floor – These free-standing structures suit the most demanding applications and come with engineer’s certifications. We build the structural mezzanine floors to our clients’ requirements and allow them to choose from a selection of flooring materials and accessory options. As a free-standing structure, it can be easily relocated if required.

Shelving Supported Mezzanine – Storeplan offers a variety of shelving supported mezzanines. The Super 123 Shelving Supported Mezzanine is lightweight but extremely strong and can be easily dismantled and relocated. The R3000 Shelving Supported Mezzanine offers a multi-tier complex storage system. The open-grid mesh system does not restrict lighting and ventilation.

Longspan Supported Mezzanine – The longspan supported mezzanine is ideal for clients dealing with mining equipment and small parts such as electrical components and automotive spares. The system comes with a range of quality accessories such as modular hand railing and swing pallet access gates. Designed for strength and durability, this system is a long-term asset.

Pallet Racking Supported Mezzanine – In this system, pallet racks lend cost-effective high-level strength to the mezzanine floor system. The pallet racking’s flexibility allows for the easy addition of shelves or reconfiguration of the whole system. Designed by qualified engineers who have expansive knowledge on live loading, the structures meet building code standards.

For assistance on the best system for your application, contact us today.

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