The medical field is a fast-paced and critical environment. Timeliness and flexibility are vital in enhancing speed and efficiency for operations in clinics, hospitals, and emergency centres. To stock large quantities of supplies, from medications, surgical kits, PPE, linens etc., means arranging proper medical storage solutions within your facility that provide safe storage and consistent accessibility for your day-to-day operations. Storeplan has engineered an advanced medical storage system range that meets the demands of the medical industry.
Proper storage of these various supplies is critical to providing a high level of patient care, yet many hospitals struggle with inadequate storage space and poor organisation.

Selecting the Most Suitable Medical Storage Solutions

The three critical components to factor when purchasing medical storage are:

– Space. Health care providers require mobility with their storage to constantly move and arrange the space, aligning with the needs of the patients, and allowing for easier accessibility to the product required. 

– Visibility. In a hospital, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment must be highly visible to minimise time wastage amongst your team and ensure accuracy when finding consumables.

– Functionality. Healthcare storage solutions require seamless integration within the everyday demands of your space – medical storage solutions are tailor-built to your facility’s needs.

We carry a great variety of hospital storage systems designed to safely store medical supplies and ease access during busy work hours. As a leading wire shelving supplier, our storage range is highly adaptable and widely used in several medical environments, designed to suit harsh conditions and carry an extensive range of medical equipment.
Sterimesh® is a widely known medical storage brand in Australia. Storeplan distributes Sterimesh® wire shelving, wire baskets and wire compactus units, which are customisable and easy to clean. We can also provide drug safes, whiteboards, and trolleys from our suppliers.

Years of Experience in the Industry

Storeplan has been one of Australia’s most reputable medical storage and shelving suppliers for over two decades. Our team is committed to providing quality products with excellent customer service. We maintain strong relationships with our customers and suppliers no matter your industry – we always have your best interests at heart.
Storeplan is Australia’s leading and most trustworthy provider of medical storage and shelving systems. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and experience and is prepared to improve your company’s ergonomics, tailoring your medical storage solution needs.

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