Being part of the electrical wholesaling industry means a large amount of inventory is acquired and moved daily. Due to the business’s quick, product moving nature, a tailored storage plan specific for your floor space is essential to ensure maximum storage capacity, streamlined productivity, and functional processes within the warehouse or storage facility.

Whether your facility is small, requires an upgrade, or you are moving to a brand-new site, our expertise within the industry provides specific solutions that consider the placement of products, ease of their accessibility and meet WHS industry-specific guidelines. We also supply complete warehouse fit-out ‘Turn-Key’ solutions and help you save on costs by integrating existing storage systems within your new facility.

Updating your storage system can be stressful and expensive. Our team of practised and competent installers complete your installation works within the shortest timeframe possible, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption for your business. We provide a designated Project Manager for your install who will work with you to arrange the most efficient timeframe, offer a precise schedule for your team, and organise the equipment to arrive on time, ready for your install.

To ensure the safety and compliance of your equipment within your industry, we also provide storage systems’ audits to check the continued quality and safety of your equipment, commencing yearly after installation.

Our experienced team will meet with you, provide professional advice on how best to maximise your warehouse space, present a free warehouse layout design, and deliver a systematic proposal that meets the needs of your warehouse.

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