Who supplies heavy duty pallet racking suitable for storing pallets of tiles?

Tile storage racking

How to store tiles

Storing heavy pallets

Using heavier duty upright frames and beams can create a strong, safe and compliant storage system that has the ability to store pallets of tiles weighing up to 3000kg each!

There are a number of things to consider when looking into such racking systems as the stakes are always much higher with such great pallet weights…..

It is absolutely critical the racking system is designed by certified engineers to ensure both beams and upright frames will take the proposed loads. Storeplan is backed by a team of professional Schaefer engineers meaning you won’t have any doubts surrounding the design.

How about letting Storeplan tailor a system specifically for your business? We can conduct a full product analysis at your premises to determine exactly what system you need.

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