What is the cost of a Mezzanine Floor?

Mezzanine floors have become increasingly popular in Australian warehouse and factory construction projects in recent years. With a greater depth of research and development into new mezzanines, many options are available to meet individual business needs. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the factors that affect the cost of a mezzanine floor before deciding to invest in it.

This article presents an overview of factors to consider when choosing a mezzanine floor and provides an average square metre cost.

Type of Mezzanine Structures

In Australia, there are several types of mezzanine structures to choose from. Therefore, deciding the type of structure needed for your facility is your first point to work out.

Below is a list of different types of Mezzanine Floors available to meet your needs:

Structural Mezzanine Floor

A freestanding platform supported by columns and beams. It is fully independent of the building’s main structure.

Structural mezzanines are custom-designed to accommodate the size, shape and weight of the goods to be stored.

Structural Mezzanine floor installed by STOREPLAN in Victoria

Longspan Supported Mezzanine

A durable system that is ideal for storing of parts and equipment. This system is fully customisable to suit customers’ needs.

It is ideal for those dealing with small parts, like in service centres, electrical retailers and mining sites.

Longspan Mezzanine installed by Storeplan at Mine site in New South Wales

Pallet Racking Supported Mezzanine

This is a flexible storage system that provides a custom racking solution for bulk goods and/or small parts.

It also provides efficient use of warehouse vertical space.

Custom built Rack supported Mezzanine Installed by Storeplan at Precision Seeding Solutions in Inverell, New South Wales

R3000 Supported Mezzanine

Using the benefits of the R3000 Shelving System, this type of Mezzanine becomes a highly versatile modular system where high-density storage can be achieved.


Size and Design Layout

When designing a mezzanine floor, it is important to consider the size of this. Also, the floor space needs to be easily accessible to position the pallet gate and the staircase accordingly.

Additionally, it is important to map out the layout with precision as well as allow extra flooring space. The reason for this is to be able to fit the items you are intending to store. If you are not sure about this, Storeplan can assist you with this.

The deck width and length of a mezzanine play a prominent role in the final cost.

Take into account that the larger the deck, the more materials would be required for the construction, extending the building time and increasing the build cost.

Floor Materials Used

To satisfy varying flooring requirements, numerous types of floors are available for installation. These include chipboard, mesh-grid, plywood, and fully prefabricated concrete slab. You should also consider whether the floor needs to withstand high traffic (offices) or heavy pallet trolleys. These factors will influence the overall cost of the build.

Safety and Installation

Mezzanine flooring also comes with inherent risks to people walking on it. Safety guardrails and staircases are required by law. While the safety features needed will vary depending on the specifics of your facility.



Average Cost

It’s hard to give an exact cost without knowing the specific challenges and needs of your warehouse. However, we have put a simple table together representing the average costs per square meter of a mezzanine floor.


Given the factors affecting the price already mentioned, it is quite difficult to evaluate what the cost will be for you before a detailed investigation of your needs is made.


At Storeplan, we understand the question isn’t just “What is the cost of a mezzanine floor? But “How cost-effective and beneficial will a mezzanine be for my business?”

Our team of experts will work with you to develop a solution that meets your company’s needs.

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