What is the best storage system for archives?

Best storage system for archives

STOREPLAN has a number of different storage systems suited to the storage of archives. Key points that need to be considered when storing archives include:

Location. The facility is to be conveniently located and not near any known hazards. Security and privacy of the facility should also be considered.

Environment control. The facility should maintain an environment that is appropriate to the format of the records and their retention period.

Shelving. The shelving and packaging of records should be appropriate to protect from damage and slow deterioration.

Accessibility. Records can be accessed and removed easily.

Handling. Records can be easily handled without causing damage.

Typically in small to medium sized operations, archives are stored in a cardboard box or a folder such as the “Manilla Folder”. The most cost effective way to store these is often a Storeplan longspan shelving system with particleboard or MDF board shelves. In some instances, the board may release vapours or gases that can be harmful to records. This can be overcome in a number of ways:

Locate the records in a cardboard box with lid.

Use an alternative shelf material, including melamine coated board, wire mesh or coated steel.

Wire mesh shelves offer a number of benefits including better light and air circulation, less dust accumulation, better conformity with fire control standards.

Mobile compacting storage systems offer high density storage and are particularly suited where records are accessed less frequently. They usually have RUT shelving with coated steel shelves, however the same principles of compacting bays can be utilised with other shelving systems such as longspan, wire shelving and even pallet racking.

Some of the storage systems we have utilised for storing archives:

STOREPLANS RUT shelving system

STOREPLANS Mobile shelving system

STOREPLANS Longspan shelving

STOREPLANS Wire shelving system and mesh decks.

STOREPLANS Pallet Racking system.

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