What do I need to know to order Pallet Racking?

Do you need to order pallet racking but are confused about how to even start the process?

If you aren’t familiar with pallet racking, or you just want a refresh, here are some helpful tips to think about before you purchase pallet racking:

Height & Depth

The overall height of your pallet racking will depend on two factors:

The height of your warehouse ceiling (make sure to allow less if you have a sloping or uneven ceiling)

The maximum reach height of your forklift or reach truck – if your forklift is unable to reach the top of your racks it will make unloading difficult to say the least!

Don’t forget to allow at least 150mm spacing between the top of your pallet and the next beam level.

The standard & most common depth of pallet racking is 840mm, for standard pallet storage.

If you have larger pallets, you do have the option of 1200mm deep racking frames.

Weight Capacity

A key question to ask yourself before ordering racking is how much weight do you intend to place on the racking?

The best way to work this out is to weigh your heaviest pallet & your lightest pallet.

If you can give us some idea of which pallets you will store more of (i.e you usually store 10 heavy pallets and 4 lighter pallets) we can tailor your racking to ensure safety for your product & personell, AND cost effectiveness – you may only need light duty beams at the top of your racking, and heavy duty at the bottom for example.

Understanding the Types of Pallet Rack

Pallet racking isn’t rocket science – but there are varying types out there which can be confusing to first time or even fairly experienced buyers.

We have a complete blog post outlining the different types of pallet racking, and which one/s are the best investment for you.


Make it easy for yourself – Ask the Racking ‘Gurus’

Its not your job to know everything about pallet racking – that’s why you do what you do, and we do what we do!

There may be other factors you haven’t thought of that will affect your racking type, layout & design.

We know about things like Australian standards, install conditions & environmental restrictions.

Ordering pallet racking with Storeplan is easy – just call us on 1300 551 281 or click to submit an ONLINE ENQUIRY and we will get back to you quickly.