What type of shelving do I need?

Storeplan has built its reputation on providing Australian industries with high-quality and tailored shelving systems.

Not sure which system is best for you? Read on…


If you aren’t storing large, bulky & heavy equipment or items, a medium duty shelving system is for you.

RUT Steel Shelving – Shelf capacity of up to 100kg each with standard shelves.

Use in both industrial & office environments – heavy duty shelves capable of carrying up to 200kg per level are also available.

RUT Steel Shelving

Super 123 Steel Shelving – Shelf capacity of up to 200kg per shelf level.

Super 123 is one of our most customisable systems – store any thing from standard cartons to tiny nuts & bolts by adding on our wide range of accessories,

Super 123 Steel Shelving

STERIMESH™ Wire Shelving – Capable of holding up to 200kg per shelf level UDL.

Created as a sterile shelving system for hospitals & the health care industry, this shelving system is also a cost effective and stylish option.

Wire Shelving

Looking for a DISPLAY shelving system? Take a look at our gondola shelving

black gondola display shelving


LS600 Longspan Shelving – Shelf capacity of up to 500kg per level UDL.

Our no. 1 shelving product! This popular shelving system suits many applications, and because of its high weight capacity you can store bulky and weighty items easily.

LS600 Longspan Shelving

I600 Selective Racking with MDF Boards

If you are looking for a longer span or to integrate shelving in with your pallet racking, you do have the option of adding MDF boards to pallet racking, along with metal support bars, to create a heavy duty shelving system.

Pallet Racking Beams with MDF Timber Shelf Level

Selective Pallet Racking row in large warehouse facility