Top storage ideas for Council Depots & Stores


Council Depots are required to be effectively organized for efficiency, security and stock tracking.

This was reviewed in a Victoria Local Government Review of Council Works Depots in 2015* which found there was a lot of room for improvement in storerooms, mechanic workshops and open bays in the depot yard. It stated that:

“Councils were conscious of the need to secure plant and equipment but were also focused on the need for crews and individual workers to be able to conveniently access equipment as needed.”

This can easily achieved with smart and effective storage. Storeplan has prepared an easy-to-follow guide to help assist council to improve the effective and security of the depots and storage.


What am I storing?Shelving and parts boxes

  • Small parts
  • Nut & bolts
  • Small to medium sizes stock items used for public amenities
  • Small Tools

How do I store it?

  1. Super 123 shelving system – This sturdy system is made from galvanized steel and rated at 100kg per shelf. Can be fitted with modular containers for parts storage. Also available in a compactus unit for high density storage option.
  1. RUT Shelving – This system is a roll-formed, made from premium pre-painted steel. Standard shelves are capable of carrying up to 100kg each and are fully adjustable allowing you to store a variety of different shapes and sizes.
  1. Parts Boxes – Available in 300mm, 400mm and 600mm. Lengths with optional dividers. Sit on shelving to effectively organise small parts.
  1. BAC cabinets – Versatile high density system used for spare parts and tool storage. Please talk to us for information.



What am I storing?

  • Plant equipment
  • Small machinery and parts for vehicles
  • Large Tools
  • Bags of cement

How do I store it?

  1. LS600 Longspan Shelving – the Victorian report suggested “plant and equipment could be stored overnight in secure containers” The Longspan shelving system is heavy duty system perfectly suited to shipping containers weighted up to 500kg per level.


  1. I600 Pallet Racking – Wide, heavy duty option that can be customized with shelves and gates. Mesh pallet gates can be locked to provide security from theft.Chemical Storage Drum StorageCHEMICAL STORAGE
    What am I storing?

    • Cleaning & Flammable Chemicals
    • Fertilizers
    • Pesticide

    How do I store it?

    1. Flammable Liquids Cabinets (Class 3) – Chemical storage for flammable liquids. Items that require certified storage – fully compliant with Australian Standards to store flammable liquids.
    2. Outdoor Drum Stores – Used for flammable liquids, oxidizing agents, organic peroxide and toxic and corrosive products. Available in 6 different sizes, such as single pallet storage to 32 pallet storage. Please talk to us for information.

    Other useful options for Councils:Longspan Workbench photo

    Workbenches: Based from either Pallet Racking or Longspan Shelving. Louvre panels and small bins and also be added.

    Lockers: A steel cabinet useful for in the workshop or storeroom for clothing and tools.

    *Read the full VIC Govt report –