The top 5 storage solutions for your rural store

I have a rural store…but what storage should I use to ensure maximum storage while keeping it efficient and easy to access?
The below products have worked the best for the rural stores over the years. From warehouse pallet racking to smaller merchandise shelving in your showroom they are covered below.

Selective Pallet Racking:
Commonly known as Adjustable Pallet Racking; it’s the most popular & economical form of racking. It provides 100% selective storage up to 12.8m in height, utilising valuable air space. Selective Pallet Racking can also be designed to meet any pallet size or weight.


Gondola Display Shelving:
Commonly known as Shop Shelving or Supermarket Shelving, this system is great for use in a showroom & comes in a large range of sizes & configurations. 3 options of backing are available:

  • Flat Metal Pegboard – cost effective, light duty option
  • Volcano Metal Pegboard – high quality, heavy duty option
  • Slatwall Board – more streamlined & aesthetically pleasing


Longspan Shelving:
A heavy duty & extremely durable system that can be used for display or storage. Longspan shelving is an easy to assemble, clip together system with adjustable shelf levels. With a wide range of accessories available; from mesh shelves to louvred side panels with storage tubs.


Mezzanine Floor/Raised Storage Platform:
If you’ve got enough height in your shed & not much floor space, a mezzanine floor is the way to go! With so many options available for support systems & access systems (ladders & stairs etc),
there’s bound to be a solution to suit your requirements.


Cool Room Shelving:
Storeplan’s Coolroom Shelving is a food-safe and  Australian-made system specifically designed for moist environments where a standard shelving system is not suitable. This system is most used in food related rural stores such as dairies; berry farms; and fruit/vegetable suppliers.