What You Need to Improve Productivity in the Warehouse

Productivity, as in all industries, is at the heart of warehouse operations. The success of a warehouse depends on how much work is done, and how fast and how efficient. Whether it is labour, inventory management applications or technological solutions, almost all aspects of warehouse processes contribute to their overall productivity. Here are areas that help boost productivity in warehouses:

Keep Your Warehouse Organised and Tidy

Organisation is paramount, and none more so in warehouse environments. Reorganise your storage racks and label your shelves. Display products clearly to make them extremely visible to pickers. This reduces the time for searching and eases the process of picking orders, storing items and replenishing stocks for a more productive warehouse.

Only essential items and equipment should occupy your workspace in the warehouse. If you have a stack of empty boxes or other kinds of packaging taking space, it’s best to clear them out. Make sure your aisles are free of clutter that can get in the way. With freed up paths, the area becomes safer and more comfortable for your workers.

Improve Warehouse Space and Layout

Space is often a layout issue in warehouses. Some workers find it difficult to navigate through warehouses when there is little or no room for movement. Others also complain about the positioning of storage equipment, the distance between two points in warehouse processes, as well as the accessibility of entrances and exits.

Be smart about space. The overall design of the warehouse has a huge impact on the efficiency of workers. Examine your daily operations closely and redesign your warehouse in a way that best accommodates your processes. Optimising the layout of your warehouse to your needs reduces travel time and speeds up the process of completing an order.

Evaluate Your Storage

Storage plays a major role in warehouse operations. Using high-quality and modular warehouse racking system scaled to fit your workplace will streamline processes and contribute to a more efficient warehouse.

Organise your warehouse according to what works best for your business. As the demand for your products vary throughout the year, plan your storage based on your current and future order-picking requirements, taking into account your projected growth. Experts recommend stocking materials by-products that sell quicker than others do. Bring your bestselling items to the front and your seasonal items to the less accessible areas of the warehouse.

Partner with Storeplan

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