How do I store cable reels?

Cable Reel Dispenser System:
Cable Reels

The Cable Reel Dispenser system is perfect for storing/dispensing a range of different size cable reels. The actual customized product consists of a spindle (normally HD Gal pipe 50NB) and a welded steel bracket set (L & R) The brackets are bolted into the upright posts for maximum strength and rigidity.

This system is manufactured in house at Storeplan. It is normally integrated into our Schaefer I600 pallet racking system, however it can be made to suit any brand of racking.

Normally the cable dispenser units are part of a 1381mm wide bay to ensure strength and stability. Standard racking upright frames and beams make up the support structure of this system.

The cable reels are either manually or mechanically lifted into place.


Cable Reel Cradle:

Cable Racking

Cable reel cradles are designed for the storage of all different sizes/weights of cable reels. This system consists of sections of HD angle steel (75 x 75 x 5mm) welded together to provide a safe and secure bed for the cable reel.

The Cable Reel Cradle system is manufactured so it clips over pallet racking beams ensuring load is evenly distributed and doesn’t place the pallet racking under any unnecessary strain.

These cradles are custom designed to suit particular cable sizes. Normally the cradles would be powdercoated orange to match Schaefer pallet racking beams.

Cable reel cradles are a great way to get awkward/heavy cables off the ground and safely stored away.