Enhancing Your Warehouse’ Safety with Storeplan’s Rack Protection

There are three things that shouldn’t come as a surprise to any warehouse manager: things fall, humans make mistakes and all pieces of equipment are subject to wear and tear. As these events are somewhat inevitable, creating physical barriers to preventing falls and collisions is key to improved warehouse safety.

As such, racking protection is one of the best investments you can make as a warehouse manager. With a well-designed warehouse racking system, you are not only prolonging the service life of your racking, you are also minimising risks to your products, equipment and most importantly your personnel.

In today’s blog, we will discuss the accessories and supports that can prolong your racking’s life, increase its integrity and improve safety in your workplace:

Protective Bollards

Protective bollards provide strong protection from fork trucks with a vertical physical barrier. They are also used to direct, control or obstruct forklift traffic to lessen the risk of collisions. Made of steel, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Mesh Shelves/Decks

Mesh shelves prevent dirt and dust build-up as well as the twisting and sagging of shelving. They also increase lighting and access preventing pick up accidents. They are suitable for all types of storage as well as freezers. With mesh shelves’ durable and maintenance-free build, the rate of racking wear and tear is slower.

Mesh Sides/Backing

Mesh sides/backing prevent products, especially small parts and loose items, from falling off and getting damaged. This, in turn, prevents damage to other items and equipment or injury to personnel.

Column Guards

Column guards offer posts protection from vehicles with minimal space consumption. To provide maximum strength, our MCG400 column guards have 4 dynabolt holes and are manufactured from 6mm thick plate steel.

Rack End Protectors (REP’s)

REP’s guard racks’ exposed end frames from forklift truck damage and impacts. Here at Storeplan, we have REPs with 6mm thick steel to provide heavy duty rack protection for the rack’s most vulnerable areas. We also have REPs designed for single entry and double entry racks.

Spring Type Upright Protectors

Upright protectors guard uprights against forklift and pallet damage, especially against a forklift backing into an upright. Our upright protectors come in safety colours and are dynabolted into the ground. They are easily installed, removed and re-used.

Cable Reel Holders

Cable reel holders provide a safe and efficient way to store and access cables. Here at Storeplan, we custom manufacture cable reel holders to ensure that we provide clients with best-fit solutions. We provide reel holders for all sizes and weights of cables.

SWL (Safe Working Load) Signs

SWL signs remind all personnel of each shelf and rack’s loading capacity. The signs we provide are made of high-quality alucabond and have a clear quality finish. Like our cable reel holders, our signs are custom-made for our clients’ specific requirements.

Risks of accidents can never be fully eliminated – but they are manageable. With the right system and a properly trained staff, accidents can be prevented and the proper response can be executed to prevent further damage or injury. As the racking system is at the heart of a warehouse’ operation, it makes perfect safety and business sense to protect it from damage.

Storeplan is dedicated to improving warehouse systems in Australia. Talk with our sales team today and we will help you enhance your warehouse’s safety.

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