Double Your Warehouse Potential With Mezzanine Floors

Every warehouse space in Australia is unique and comes with challenges and opportunities. As an owner or Warehouse Manager looking at solutions for your storage space, it is known by you and your team that any given warehouse has untapped potential. Mezzanine flooring is the best solution for your prospective area, and below you will read what they are and what benefits this system will bring to you and your business. 

The Challenge of Limited Space 

Nothing impacts productivity more for warehouse managers than running out of viable space within dynamic warehouse conditions. The tighter your area becomes, processes slow down, and menial tasks prove difficult. When your space is not planned or no longer functioning properly, the consequences are:

  • Drop in productivity. 
  • Lowered team morale. 
  • Safety issues. 
  • Increase in Risk/Accidents. 
  • Damaged Inventory.  

Mezzanine flooring presents a solution for the above challenges by utilising the above air space in your warehouse.  

What is a Mezzanine Floor? 

The word mezzanine comes from Italian “mezzano”, which means “middle”. And that is the exact description of what a mezzanine floor is – an intermediate base, built halfway within your open spacing, between the main ground of a building. 

How a Mezzanine Floor Benefits You 

 Look at your warehouse and consider the entire area; you will notice that a great deal of space above is empty and not in use – but it could be. 

 A Mezzanine floor will provide the following: 

  •  Convert unused height space into a floor that provides you and your team possibilities for future and present growth. 
  • It is cost-effective and logical as a solution for creating substantial extra space within your existing premises. 
  • Expands your footprint without the expense, time, and energy of moving to another location. 
  • Improve business output & performance by utilising all available space & organising it to suit your specific needs. 
  • Relocatable & portable – take your mezzanine floor with you if you do decide to move. 
  • Excellent fire protection & lighting options available 
  • Mezzanine floors work for all commercial, industrial, and rural industries. 

 Ideal Storage Solution System 

Mezzanine floors make the ideal storage solution for those running out of space for safe and efficient storage of their inventory. 

Mezzanine floors have an enormous range of racking and shelving options that create the maximum storage space for your specific requirements. 

You might want to take the opportunity to reorganise the whole warehouse and have inventory and machinery segmented within the space. A mezzanine floor can integrate using pallet racking to create a vast, multi-tiered storage facility. 

How to plan your Space  

 When starting your plan for your warehouse, questions to investigate are: 

  • What is the maximum height do I need in my building? 
  • What are the fire hazards for Mezzanines? And what are the safety precautions? 
  • How many mezzanine levels can be used, and do I need the additional levels? 
  • Do I need council approval on the works? 
  • What is the maximum weight I can place on the floor? And will the floor take the load? 
  • What floor finish is suitable? 

How to choose your Mezzanine Floor Supplier: 

The key with any project is to ensure you work with experienced and communitive professionals who –  

  • Minimise disruption to your business with a speedy install time. 
  • Who have experience in custom built bespoke & flexible designs tailored to utilise your space to the maximum. 
  • Recommended safety equipment and arrangements to ensure your mezzanine is safe for use.  

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Safety of Mezzanine Flooring 

A safe working environment is a priority in today’s business climate. A business owner or warehouse manager must consider all aspects of their warehouse, including the condition of equipment, working procedures, and the state of the working environment. Collaborating with a professional installer will ensure that all safety measures for a mezzanine floor include the following recommendations: 

  • Advise how to best light your mezzanine floor. 
  • Install the correct mezzanine handrails for your space. 
  • Install kickboards along all the edges. 
  • Advise storage solutions to secure your equipment and machinery to ensure your mezzanine is well organised, clear from clutter and safe. 
  • Recommend and create signage for the maximum weight capacity for your mezzanine. 

Other Uses for Mezzanine Floors 

We have discussed how mezzanine floors for warehouse storage & industrial buildings will increase storage space with minimal cost or disruption and increasing productivity for your business. Conversely, mezzanine flooring is applicable in other industries too such as: 

Office Space 

A mezzanine floor can be an excellent space for a modular office – Installing additional space is not always the motive behind installing an office mezzanine floor. Other businesses incorporate this system because they separate departments or provide an office area for an entire team and a handy storage space. 

Mezzanines are an ideal system designed with all the elements you would expect on a standard office floor like decor, lighting, carpets, data, and power points, making them highly versatile. Collaborating with a trusted team can map out your ideal office space with ease, and safeguarding that no detail to your design would be missed. 


Retail stores commonly procure a lot of stock, tailored display and warehouse solutions solve multiple issues for businesses in retail space. 

  • Your stock stored efficiently without floor space compromised. 
  • It can be branded and showcase the products, 
  • Provide clear paths for packing and dispatch processes, 
  • And accommodate offices for employees to work. 

Customer Experience 

Installing a mezzanine floor also has value for your customer. Showcasing more products and having stock out on display increases the foot traffic of your space, and notably, retain more opportunity of purchases from your customer and ultimately increases your (ROI) return of investment. 

Also, note that even though customers do not directly interact with the warehouses behind online retailers, their customer experience is just as valid. Having a mezzanine floor setup ensures stock availability is straightforward to sort and dispatch. Efficient stock systems increase the number of satisfied customers who received their goods in an orderly and speedy manner. 

Mezzanine is the right choice  

If you are looking for a cost-effective, versatile, tried-and-tested solution to your space problems, then please get in touch with us today to for a free assessment and further discuss the requirements for your space.