Can I install my pallet racking in a coolroom or freezer?

What type of racking system is best suited for coolroom or freezer environments?

Coolroom Shelving

Racking for Coolroom

There are a number of different types of racking systems that can be used in both coolroom and freezer applications. Drive-In pallet racking, Double-Deep pallet racking and Standard selective pallet racking are the most common forms of pallet racking used in these situations.

Schaefer racking systems are especially designed to be able to withstand the harsh conditions which prevail in both coolrooms and freezers. Moisture and freezing temperatures can seriously damage a racking system that is not designed for such conditions. Weakness and loss of integrity in any rack system is definitely not a good thing so for your own safety and peace of mind be sure to thoroughly check out all specifications of the racking system including yield strength of the steel etc. There are a number of different racking systems on the market that will not perform well when exposed to coolroom or freezer conditions.

Storeplan has installed racking in coolroom/freezer applications in the following industries:

  • Abattoirs, food processing facilities
  • Pharmaceutical wholesalers
  • Hospitals (food cool rooms)
  • Food wholesalers

Our racking systems have been installed in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius so I’m sure we should be able to assist with your project! Check our shelving ranges here

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