7 Most Common Questions About Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is the heart of any warehouse operation. Installing pallet racking allows you to maximise your space by creating multi-level shelving. It provides easy access to goods and greater storage capacity, enabling you to make the most out of your warehouse.

1.  What is Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking is constructed from steel components that typically bolt or slot together similarly to the scaffolding that is often noticed on construction sites. The racking enables users to utilise air space and store pallets one above the other without loading directly on top. The racking can be many metres high in a large warehouse with automated retrieval machines, effectively creating a three-dimensional pallet storage cube.

2.  How Much does Pallet Racking Cost?

The cost of the pallet racking you choose will vary depending on the manufacturer and the quality of racking you choose. When comparing prices, be sure you are comparing the same type of system. Selective pallet racking is generally the cheapest racking system.

3.  Can I install the pallet racking myself?

Yes, you can install racking yourself; however, you need to be aware of the installation criteria set out in AS4048-2012 (Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking 2012) to ensure full compliance. You should also consider the access equipment and other tooling required to erect pallet racking safely. It is highly recommended you hire a team of specialists with the correct qualifications and experience to install this. That way, you are guaranteed the new system is compliant.

4.  Do I need a Load Safety Sign?

Yes, each separate run of Pallet Racking is to have a SWL sign to display the maximum loads it can hold and other necessary information. Below is an extract from the guidelines set from AS4048-2012 (Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking 2012):

A racking installation shall comply with all of the following:

(a) The racking installations shall have, in one or more conspicuous locations, a

permanent, corrosion-resistant plaque not less than 125 mm long and 250 mm high

with maximum load action figures, written in a large font of at least 25 mm high,

mechanically secured to the racking structure at 2 m above the floor level, which shall

display the following:

(i) Permissible working unit load limit.

(ii) Permissible total working unit load limit for each pallet beam level.

(iii) Permissible total working unit load limit for each bay.

(iv) Designer’s name.

(v) Racking manufacturer’s name, supplier’s name and trademark, and the

installation date.

5.  What sizes are available?

The table below shows the available frame and beam sizes and their capacities.

Frames Sizes   
Standard Height  Standard Depth 
1850 mm  838 mm 
2450 mm  838 mm 
3050 mm  838 mm 
3650 mm  838 mm 
3650 mm  1200 mm 
4250 mm  838 mm 
4850 mm  838 mm 
4850 mm  1200 mm 
5450 mm  838 mm 
6050 mm  838 mm 
7550 mm  838 mm 
Beam Sizes   
Dimensions  Capacity 
1381mm x U80mm  2000kg/pallet space or level  
2600mm x U80mm  625kg/pallet space or 1250kg/level 
2600mm x Tube 90mm  1000kg/pallet space or 2000kg/level  
2600mm x Tube 98mm  1200kg/pallet space or 2400kg/level 
2600mm x Tube 125mm  1500kg/pallet space or 3000kg/level  
2752mm x U80mm  600kg/pallet space or 1200kg/level 
2752mm x Tube 90mm  1000kg/pallet space or 2000kg/level  
2752mm x Tube 98mm  1200kg/pallet space or 2400kg/level 
2752mm x B105mm  1500kg/pallet space or 3000kg/level  
3000mm x B105mm  2800kg/level UDL 
3300mm x B105mm  2400kg/level UDL 
3600mm x B105mm  2000kg/level UDL 
3900mm x B150mm   3200kg/level UDL 

6.  Where can I buy Pallet Racking in Australia?

Storeplan is a leading specialist for warehouse solutions and installations. We have supplied pallet racking systems direct to our clients for over 30 years. Our racking installation teams are available across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. We provide and install custom racking solutions for all industries, including retail, e-commerce, distribution, and manufacturing.

7.  Is my current racking system compatible with other brands?

You cannot interchange different brands of Pallet Racking; it voids all guarantees and is undoubtedly not compliant. Here at Storeplan, we primarily supply and work with Schaefer I600 Pallet Racking, Colby Racking, Macrack Racking & Dexion Racking.

Our Schaefer I600 Racking systems come with a lifetime guarantee.

If you have more specific questions about pallet racking systems and solutions, give us a call, and one of our knowledgeable team members will be able to assist you today – 1300 551 281.