R3000 Multi Tier System Mercedez Benz

Learn about how the R3000 Mezzanine designed & installed by Storeplan helped our client Mercedes Benz.

The initial brief from Mercedes Benz was clear, indicating that they had limited space but a reasonable volume of parts that needed to be stored. This presented a challenge as the company needed to store a large number of bodywork panels on site without compromising on efficiency and productivity.

To tackle this problem, Mercedes Benz turned to Storeplan, a provider of storage solutions and we proposed several solutions that could help Mercedes Benz maximise their limited space while maintaining the high-density storage of their parts.

After considering various options, Mercedes Benz decided to implement the Mezzanine R3000 Multi-Tier System, which proved to be the most suitable solution. This system allowed the company to store a high volume of parts while using a smaller floor space. Furthermore, it provided enough room for the large pallet racking systems, which increased the overall storage capacity of the facility.

With the implementation of the Mezzanine R3000 Multi-Tier System, Mercedes Benz achieved a high maximisation of space, which increased productivity at their location. The system helped them store a large number of bodywork panels on site without compromising on the quality of the storage space, making the location more efficient and productive.

Overall, the solution provided by Storeplan helped Mercedes Benz optimise their limited space and improve their operational efficiency.