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Customer: Wholesale Welding Supplies Warehouse

Location: NSW

Industry: Building & Hardware Supplies



A large wholesale welding supplies company faced a challenge due to business expansion and an increasing number of stock lines. The solution was to build new premises and outfit the warehouse with an efficient storage system.

The manager of this large wholesale welding supplies company had a problem…the business was expanding & so were the stock lines. There was only one solution…build a new premises & fit-out the warehouse with Storeplan’s Schaefer I600 Pallet Racking!


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Storeplan was engaged to provide and install Schaefer I600 Pallet Racking for the new warehouse, ensuring the project was completed on time and within budget.

Solution Implemented:

Pallet Racking:


  • Height: 6050mm
  • Depth: 838mm
  • Width: Majority of bays at 2600mm; some at 1381mm
  • Total Bays: 94
  • Configuration:
        • 1 single-sided run of 15 adjoining bays
        • 2 double-sided runs of 12 adjoining bays
        • 1 double-sided run of 11 adjoining bays
        • 1 single-sided run of 6 adjoining bays
        • 1 single-sided run of 3 adjoining bays

Load Capacity:

  • 2600mm wide bays supporting 2500kg per level (Uniformly Distributed Load)
  • 1381mm wide bays supporting 1250kg per level (Uniformly Distributed Load)
  • Additional Features: Some levels fitted with Heavy Duty Galvanised Mesh Decks for enhanced durability and versatility.


Storeplan successfully completed the project, providing the client with a brand-new facility equipped with I600 Pallet Racking. The installation provided over 740 pallet spaces of storage, addressing the company’s need for increased storage capacity due to business expansion. The racking system’s robust design and load-bearing capabilities ensured the efficient organisation and accessibility of stock, supporting the company’s operational needs.


By delivering a tailored storage solution, Storeplan enabled the wholesale welding supplies company to effectively manage its growing inventory. The project’s completion on time and within budget demonstrated Storeplan’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, underscoring their ability to provide high-quality, customised storage solutions.

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