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Customer: HVAC Supplier

Location: Tamworth NSW

Industry: HVAC



An air conditioning and HVAC company in Tamworth, NSW, required an efficient storage solution for their new warehouse. The goal was to design, supply, deliver, and install a racking system that maximised storage capacity and complied with safety standards. This project involved the Design, Supply, Delivery & Installation of Pallet Racking in a new Warehouse in Tamworth NSW.

Warehouse in Tamworth
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Storeplan was tasked with providing Pallet Racking for the new warehouse, ensuring a quick turnaround to meet the client’s operational timeline.

Solution Implemented:

Pallet Racking:


  • Total Bays: 40
  • Height: Ranging from 4800mm to 5400mm to suit the taper of the roof
  • Capacity: Each bay provided a 2400kg per level capacity


  • The racking system created 276 pallet spaces for storage, optimising the warehouse’s capacity.

Safety Compliance:

Safe Working Load (SWL) Signs:

  • Fitted to the end of each run to comply with the current standard at the time.
  • Ensured that all racking systems adhered to safety regulations, providing clear guidelines on load capacities.


  • Timeline: The installation was completed within a very short time frame, allowing the client to have the warehouse operational the following week.
  • Coordination: Storeplan’s team worked efficiently to meet the tight deadline, ensuring minimal disruption to the client’s business operations.


The installation of the Pallet Racking system provided the HVAC company with a total of 276 pallet spaces, significantly enhancing their storage capacity. The racking system’s robust design and high load capacity ensured that the warehouse could efficiently store a large volume of inventory. The inclusion of SWL signs ensured compliance with safety standards, promoting a safe working environment.


Storeplan’s ability to deliver a high-quality storage solution within a tight timeframe underscores their commitment to client satisfaction and operational excellence. The successful completion of this project provided the HVAC company with a functional and compliant storage system, enabling them to efficiently manage their inventory and support their business growth.

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